• 1988 : Cover/Labels for 008T
  • 1988 E-train scheduled
  • December 1989: Info sheet describing a 12" that only could be 008R.
  • December 1989 (27th ?) : 008R-b (or VERY similar version) played on the radio.
  • Spring 1990 : 008R released
  • Spring 1990 : Chill Out released
  • Summer 1990: 004Y released (samples from GTS, and LTTT)
  • 1991 Jamslp6 
  • 1991 008X
  • 1991 008Y (samples from GTS)
  • 1991 Benio over and Out.

GTS planned 12" + White Room OST must be put into the timeline.

Scheduled releases

Released tracks

  • KLF008R "Last Train to Trancentral": Remix A, Remix B
  • JamsLP5 "Chill Out": Two tracks based on Remix B from KLF008 R
  • JamsLP6 "Last Train To Trancental": LP-mix (different version)
  • KLF008X "Last Train to Trancentral": "Live from the Lost Continent" + "The Iron Horse"
  • KLF008Y "Last Train to Trancentral": 3 mixes by the Moody Boys
  • Deep Heat 10: "Last Train to Trancentral": Benio over and Out


  • A few people claim to have handled a pressed WL(?) 12" of KLF008T (E-train to Trancentral).
  • One guy claims to own a GTS-release (CD?). He said that two were made, and he had one and his uncle Bill (no last-name mentioned) had the other.
  • A 12" with "Benio over and Out" and "Benio Dub" is mentioned in various discographies, but this has never been confirmed. Track length is supposed to be 6:37 min (Benio Dub that is).


  • A part of a track, sounding like 008R-b with chopped up Go to Sleep-samples ('eeeeee','eeeeeee', 'go to sleeeeeep') can be heard on WTIL "Virtual Reality" from 004X and "KLF vs- Moody Boys" from 004Y.
  • A very short part of a track sounding like 008R-b, but with minor(?) differences can be heard on the soundtrack of "The White Room"-1989 (it's on the VHS-version, not the unreleased album).
  • KLF008R-b-side was played on a danish radio a couple of days before New Years Eve 89/90. The recording of the show cuts the part where the DJ (Kenneth Bager) introduces the track, so we can't tell if it was presented as LTTT or maybe E-train. KLF played at Kenneth Bagers Baby-club in Denmark that New Years Eve.


When were Maxine's vocals for the JAMLP6 version of LTTT recorded?

Since all other Maxine-vocals on the album can be found on the OST-version, it would make sense if her LTTT-vocals also were recorded back then.


  • "Theme from Big Country"
  • Goblin "La Caccia" from "Dawn of the Dead".