It's Grim Up North Edit

Released versions Edit

Jams28T  Edit

Pete Wylie on vocals.

Known as "Original Club Mix", but also refered to as "For Love Nor Money Mix".

Very limited single sided vinyl release, most of these on grey vinyl.


Bill Drummond on vocals


Full commercial release, incl. promo-video, both in UK, and many other contries.

Stadium House TrilogyEdit

An edit is used in the end credits.

I'ts not listed on the release.


A remix by Alex Patterson (The Orb) is rumored to exist (KLF014T).

The record, or the track itself has never surfaced.

The source of rumour is unclear, it is not mentioned in any official newsletter or completist-list.

"Jerusalem" (used in Jams28R) can be heard in the beginning of the Helter Skelter-rave.

This is NOT the same version as Jams28R.

A fan-remix of the End-credit-edit from Stadium House is floating around under the name "Turn Up the Strobe".