Data from Lazlo's discography:

What Time Is Love?

Pure Trance part 1.

17 Oct 1988 single


  • 12": 1988 UK (KLF Communications; KLF 004T) [white-label promo] 
  • 12": 1988 UK (KLF Communications; KLF 004T)
  • 12": 1991 UK (KLF Communications; KLF 004T) [reissue; 15 Jul 91]
  • 12": 1991 GE (Intercord; INT 125.918) [KLF 004T with Intercord/barcode stkr]


A: 7:05 What Time Is Love? (original)

B :7:00 What Time Is Love? (mix 2)

How to spot the re-issueEdit

The reissue can be spot by looking at the innersleeve. If it is plastic, you probabely have a reissue since the original comes in a paper sleeve. Furthermore, the sleeve itself should be more glossy.