Love Trance

Pure Trance part 3.


Pressed record do exist. This version uses sample from Kraftwerk "Das Model".

Origin (authentication) of the this release is not confirmed

Demo-recording do exist. The demo is verified to be authentic, and uses samples from Kraftwerk "Das Model" and The Jams "Next".

12": 1988 UK (KLF Communications; KLF 006T) [promo?]
12": 1988 UK (KLF Communications; N/A) [orange+black ps+labels x2000]
5:58 Love Trance
6:28 What Time Is Love? (the monster attack mix)
["Pure Trance 3", 2000 sleeves/labels printed, only one person has
reported handling the pressed vinyl version of this release and it
may be a counterfeit using sleeves and labels that are definitely
in circulation; originally scheduled 14 Nov 88]



What is the origin of the pressed record ?

Is the B-side actually the Monster Attack Mix from KLF004M ?

Was the demo labelled "Love Trance", or does it just sounds like a demo of the pressed version, and therefore is called Love Trance Demo ?

What does the Japanse woman say ?