KLF Communications was KLFs inhouse label. Apart from their first two releases (the single "All You Need Is Love" and the album 1987) all KLF and Jams releases were released under this label. First two were released under the label name "The Sound Of Mu(sic)". Label was renamed to KLF Communications at the end of 1987. The first of many "information sheets" (self written missives from The KLF to fans and the media) was sent out by the label in October 1987,

KLF Communications releases were distributed by Rough Trade Distribution (a spinoff of Rough Trade Records) in the South East of England, and acro

ss the wider UK by the Cartel. As Drummond and Cauty explained, "The Cartel is, as the name implies, a group of independent distributors across the country who work in conjunction with each other providing a solid network of distribution without stepping on each other's toes. We are distributed by the Cartel." When Rough Trade Distribution collapsed in 1991 it was reported that they owed KLF Communications £500,000. (In the same feature it was reported that Drummond wished to sign Ian McCulloch to the label, but this never happened.) Plugging (the promotion to TV and radio) was handled by longtime associate Scott Piering.

Outside the UK, KLF releases were issued under licence by local labels. In the USA, the licensees were Wax Trax (the Chill Out album]), TVT (early releases including The History of The JAMs a.k.a. The Timelords), and Arista Records (The White Room and singles).

KLF Communications ceased to exists on 14 May 1992, when KLF announced their retirement from music business (Scott Pierings message on KLF Communications answering machine: