Watch out for KLF new signing - The Timelords(Bosh Bosh Bosh)
                                                                -  RockManRock

 INFO SHEET                    [ 'The JAMs' logo ]
 ONE.                    The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu             10th MARCH

    According to the rock papers the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu are dead. The
 trouble is the JAMs can never be killed.

    In 1988 Rockman and myself want to have a low profile year after all the
 notoriety that we gained throughout 1987 (something we came to be more and
 more uncomfortable with).

    K.L.F Communications house band, The KLF, will be recording and putting
 out some instrumental music, working on some tracks with Disco 2000, and
 from time to time doing other odd things.  We are also preparing to have
 our records released in Europe, so this will mean more international
 adventures for the JAMSmobile.

    Rockman and I are also working on some joint art things, we have no idea
 when these will see the light of day.

    Here is the much asked for track list for JAMS LP2 :

  Side One  1)The Candystore          Side Two 1)The Porpoise Song
            2)The Candyman                     2)The Prestwich Prophets Grin
            3)Disaster Fund Collection         3)Burn The Bastards.
            4)King Boys Dream

    The reason there was no track listing with the record was that to enable
 us to get the record out as fast as possible after we had finished recording
 it, we had to deliver the art work to the printers before Christmas at which
 time we didn't know what the tracks were to be called.

    Deep Shit (the flexi)? I'm afraid although we recorded this we never
 actually got it out. We were hoping to slip it in with the first few copies
 of JAMS LP2.

    JAMS 26T?  When we put Downtown out and gave it the cat no. JAMS 27T it
 was a mistake. We forgot we hadn't made a 26T. Then we decided to release
 Dance Mixes of tracks from the LP. This would be the missing JAMS 26T. We
 pressed up 2,000 then decided we didn't like them, so we sold them into
 Europe. One of the tracks we remixed and is coming out titled 'Burn The
 Beat' by The KLF with the cat no. KLF 002T. If you are confused so are we.

                                   Yours King Boy

  P.S. Please dont be surprised if everything changes, we don't know what
       we are doing from one day to the next.

                           " There are no constants "