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          The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu              Feb 15th
                                                    Info Sheet  3
          It's Feb 15th 1989 and we have not replied to
          one letter in the past six months.  Terrible state
          of affairs we know, but sod it we have been
          working our arses off and we still have not got
          anybody to do the paperwork.
          We spent the Autumn writing our first book
          "The Manual (How To Have A Number One The
          Easy Way)" and then filming our first film "The
          White Room".  We are presently editing the film and
          recording its soundtrack.
          Points we would like to make
          1) Sorry about the wait.
          2) If you read the book hope you get beyond its
             more crass shallow level and find something more
             lasting in it.
          3) As usual with our stuff we make things difficult
             for ourselves, the initial distribution on the book
             was crap.  If you can't get it but want it send us
             a cheque or P.O. for #5.95 (made out to KLF Communications)
             to the usual address and we promise to have it to you
             within a month.
          4) What ever we say will sound pretentious so we will
             try and not say anything yet about the film.
          5) We are beginning to be encouraged to have a
             T.V. personality profile making a public spectacle of
             ourselves, all very embarassing.
             As usual we have no real idea what we are doing or why
             we are doing it
                      Yours King Boy D & RockMan Rock
                             or are we just Bill & Jimi today.