Summer 1989
                                                    Info sheet 4
                We have now finished the film and the
                sound track.  It will def' be called
                "The White Room".  We hope to start showing
                it from August through til Christmas.
                The soundtrack L.P. will be out September.
                The first proper single from it will be
                out in late July, and be title "Khylie
                Said To Jason". We also have a Christmas
                Record with Children's Choir (your worst fears
                will be realised).
                Our alter egos have taken full flight.  Rockman
                Rock and King Boy D are now comic book characters.
                We hope to have Vol I out in the Autumn, the
                full graphic novel (titled "Deep Shit (The Further
                Adventures Of The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu)")
                will not be out until late 1990.
                This all leaves us free to be plain Jimi Cauty
                and Bill Drummond and from now on we will
                be putting out our records under the name of
                The K.L.F., that not to say there might
                              not be another Timelords
                              record at some point in the 90's.
                                          As always yours
                [ 'The JAMs' logo ]           confused
                                            Bill Drummond
       The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu        & Jimi Cauty.