The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu         22nd January 1988
Thanks for writing. If its been a long wait for this reply we
offer our apologies. We have spent the last 8 weeks getting our
"Who Killed The JAMs?" written, recorded, pressed & packaged and
in that time we didn't once check our P.O.Box.
Is this proof that we dont give a shit? Or just lazy bastards.
Obviously this letter might be a bit out of date
by the time you read it, but that is the nature of things.
After all the notoriety we seemed to get on the rock papers
news pages over the last year (something we began to feel
more and more uncomfortable with) we are going to attempt to
keep a low profile in 1988. Other than "Who Killed The JAMs?"
and "Burn The Beat" (a 12" E.P. of Dance mix's of some of the tracks
on "Who Killed....") there wont be anything new out by The JAMs
this year. Rockman is already doing some work with Disco 2000
and will be putting a lot of time into constructing a 60 foot
status of the devil in a disused church near where he lives.
I've got to finish a book I started over a year ago.
We might put out a couple of 12" records under
the name The K.L.F., these will be rap free just pure dance music, so
don't expect to see them reviewed in the music papers.
Two things that we are pissed off at ourselves about over the past
year is that we didn't do more live dates and that we let
people expect us to lead some sort of crusade for sampling.
Hopefully 1988 will see us driving around the world in our Ford Galaxy
custom doing a lot of "low and high profile shows" in places of our
choice. As far as sampling is concerned, I'm sure we will continue
doing it and from time to time get into trouble because of it, but
it has always been only a part of the process of how we put our records
together and not the reason for them existing. We will carry on
doing what we want to do, when we want to do it, our motivation,
everything we see and hear.
                             Yours King Boy.D.
P.S. We were surprised to read in the papers that Pet Clarke had given her
permission for us to sample her classic Downtown on our record of the same
name. When we attempted to contact her, at her swiss home, to do just this
thing, we didnt get further than her refusing to accept our transfer charge.