[ approx date            The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu
   October 87 ]           -------------------------------
     Thanks for writing, at the end of last year the media was getting into full
 flow with the whole AIDS thing. It was screaming at us everywhere. At the end
 of last year I was reading the ultimate paranoid conspiracy book(s) The
 Illuminatus Trillogy. I was bored by all music bar the almost unlistenable
 hip-hop, scratch and rap that John Peel was playing between the safe shambo-
 lic bands. I was wanting to kick over, blow up, tear down most of what I
 thought was shit. At the end of last year I couldn't understand why not
 everybody else was wanting to do the same.
   Who are The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu? you ask. Not us, we just pinched
 the name from some characters in the illuminatus. We do get strange letters
 from people telling us we are getting ourselves into "Deep Shit" by using
 their name, that the real ancients won't be pleased.
   After the end of last year I asked Rockman Rock if he wanted to tear some
 things down, he did. So we made a record, pressed five hundred, the fuse was
 lit. As you will have read in your friendly rock paper, the record could not
 be bought as nobody would distribute it for fears of prosecution. John Peel
 couldn't play it and we had no money left. Then a couple of major companies
 threatened to sue. Fuck them. So we edited the record in such a way that
 brought us inside the "law" but still got up peoples noses, and got the record
 out. With the money from the single we booked five days in a cheap studio and
 recorded "1987-What the fuck is going on?". We made it, not giving a shit for
 soul boy snob values or any other values, we just went in and made the noise
 we wanted to hear and the stuff that came out of our mouths. We lit a bonfire
 and put what we could get hold of, on it and then recorded the sound of
 the flames licking up the pyre. Not a pleasant sound but it's the noise we
 had. We pressed it up and stuck it out. A celebration of sorts.
   The future? We won't be trapped by a career. If we get some money back on
 our LP we will make another one before Christmas and do some live dates,
 after that fuck it!
                   Yours King Boy D.
 P.S Rockman Rock sends his regards.