Link titleThings that may exist (or have been annouced) but haven't surfaced yet:


  • The JAMS: Deep Shit - Further adventures of the JAMS: The Flexi Disc (500 pressed in 1987) [unreleased]
  • The KLF: Burn The Bastards (KLF26R) [unreleased]
  • The KLF: What Time is Love (KLF004M Monster Attack Mix; 3 pressed) [unreleased]
  • The KLF: The Lovers Side (KLF00?) [unreleased]
  • The KLF: E-train to Trancentral (KLF008T) [unreleased]
  • The KLF: Deep Shit part 3 (KLF010IR) [unreleased]
  • The KLF: No More Tears (KLF011) [unreleased; xmas 1989]
  • The KLF: Go to sleep (KLF012) [unreleased]
  • The KLF: Pure Trance 4: Turn Up The Strobe (KLF007T) [uncompleted]
  • The JAMS: It's Grim Up North (KLF014T; Orb Remixes)
  • The KLF: Make It Rain: Promo Mixes
  • The KLF: Mu - revised (mid 1992)
  • The KLF: What Time is Love? (KLF4Z) (Goa megamix)
  • 2K: Last Train (JAMSLP010)
  • The Jams in Deep Purple Album (late 1987)
  • Towards the Trance Album (early 1989)
  • Deep Shit Grapice Novel (mid 1989)
  • Gate Album (late 1990)
  • The White Room Remixes album (early 1992)
  • Live at Trancentral Album (early 1990)
  • The Rites of Mu 2 USA Celebrations (mid 1992)
  • The Rites of Mu video and book (early 1992)
  • Pure Trance album (KLFCD5) (late 1989)
  • Harder Dance Music album (late 1988)


  • 3.AM Eternal : Flamenco Version with Graham Lee and Rita Mendez (recorded at the time of Triffids The Black Swan-sessions)
  • The JAMS : Don't Take Five - remix by Tony Thorpe
  • The Sheriff of Mu Mu Country : Snippets exists from recording session; Brandnew interview.
  • Versions of "The White Room"-track and "Build a Fire" used in the Primal Megamix
  • Go to Sleep: Extended (can a part of this be heard in the original soundtrack?)
  • Make it Rain: MU-revisited session (inspired by Weather Girls), mentioned in Bad Wisdom.
  • The Black Room: Some vocals/tracks were recorded.
  • The Orb/Space : Ideas : Label from Casette/DAT? exists.