Madrugada Eterna.

The Guitar-part was done by Graham Lee.

First Appearance:The 303 MixEdit

In the trailer for the unreleased movie "The White Rooom", a version of "Madrugada Eterna" is featured. This mix is known as the 303-mix because of the bassline. Only about two minutes of it has been heard.

Offical Release: Ambient MixEdit

The CD-single of Kylie Said to Jason had "Madrugada Eterna" as an extra-track. It was not featured on any of the 12" releases.

Chill Out: Jamslp5-versionEdit

The ambient-mix was later integrated into the "Chill Out"-album.

The Club MixEdit

The "Italian" bootleg Eterna 1/Eternity 23 Reversed pressing. This part need to be explained

The Last Message:The 303 MixEdit

The last message from the KLF, narrated by Scott Pierring, had the (still) unreleased 303 running in the background. This recording does not reveal more of the track than was featured in the trailer to begin with.