faAfter becoming uncomfortable with the notoriety they gained with their releases as The JAMs and The Timelords, The KLF decided to release a series of strictly underground club records. 5 records were planned to be released over a short period of time, and sleeves and labels were printed for all five releases although only the first two in the series were recorded and released.

Planned Pure Trance releases:
1 - What Time Is Love KLF004T (Released on 17 Oct 1988)
2 - 3 A.M. Eternal KLF005T (Planned for 31 Oct 1988, released May 1989)
3 - Love Trance KLF006T (Planned for 14 Nov 1988, never recorded)
4 - Turn Up The Strobe KLF007T (Planned for 28 Nov 1988, never recorded)
5 - E-Train To Trancentral [KLF008T] (Planned for 12 Dec 88, unreleased)

Pure Trance remixes:

1 - What Time Is Love KLF004R (Released on 24 Jul 1989)
2 - 3 A.M. Eternal KLF005R (Released 18 Sept 1989)
3 - Love Trance [KLF006R] (Planned for 21 Nov 1988, never recorded)
4 - Turn Up The Strobe [KLF007R] (Planned for 5 Dec 88, never recorded)
5 - Last Train To Trancentral [KLF008R] (Planned for 19 Dec 88, released May 1990)

Labels and Sleeves Labels/sleeves for the unreleased 006T and 007T. Label for 008T(E-train) does exist (what about sleeve). A sleeve for "Pure Trance 5 The White Room" (purple) is rumored to exist.

Kylie Said to Jason:


  • All sleeves say "Taken from The White Room Soundtrack "
  • An album called "Towards the Trance" was planned (supposed catalogue nr was to be KLF LP 1 [RC 140]).
  • Jimmy Cauty did a "Pure Trance"-remix of "Naked in the Rain" by "Blue Pearl".
  • Youth (Martin Glover) from Brilliant, Blue Pearl and Killing Joke did a "Pure Trance"-remix of Chorus by Erasure.
  • Youth and Paul McCartney did a track called "Pure Trance" on their first "Fireman"-album.
  • KLF008R "Last Train to Trancentral" was actually not labelled "Pure Trance" on Sleeves/Labels.