Inspirations: Edit

"Judas Death"/"Heaven on Their Minds" from the musical "Jesus Christ Super Star": Main riff

"Our Darkness" by "Anne Clark" from the album "Joined up Writing" 1984 : Main riff

"Aquarius" from the musical Hair: "America:What Time is Love"

"Auld Long Syne" : "January:What Time is Love" 


Wanda Dee : "Wanna see you sweat" etc :Live at Trancentral + Wandaful-mix

Kraftwerk : "Home Computer" : Live at Trancentral + Wandaful-mix

MC5 : "Kick out the Jams" :Live at Trancentral

Jimi Hendrix: "Voodoo Chile": Techno Gate + Wandaful

The Doors : Live crowd + "Thank you thank you" :Live at Trancentral

Cymande : "Rastafarian Folk Song" :Moody Boys Remix

Bobby and Betty go to the Moon :Land of Oz-version

Nasa-samples: Land of Oz-version

Unknown samples:Edit

Moviesamples from "Echo and the Bunnymen"-mix

Intro-speaks from "Techo Gate" and "Primal Mix"

Lots of things from "Virtual Reality"

Breakbeat from various version (live at trancentral, wandaful etc)